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Precision Grinding

Every industrial plant using precision steel cylinders, e.g. PVC calanders, needs regular surface treatment, to maintain the quality of a given product.

As Latin American agent for the German company Wilhelm Bauer, D-velop facilitates high precision hot grinding of heated cylinders. Diameters up to 3500mm and 10.000 mm face length can be processed. As option chrome or nickel can be applied before the hot grinding, to change cylinder characteristics.

Wilhelm Bauer GmbH & Co.KG is recognized for thier high precision and is one of the only suppliers that are able to achieve a cylinder profile accuracy of 1 µm at operational temperature.

Various companies in Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Columbia have chosen Wilhelm Bauer for treatment of their cylinders. All have experienced same result – improved product, increase in production rate along with reduced excessive use of raw materials.

For more details on chroming, nickeling and hot grinding please visit www.wilhelm-bauer.de
or download the WB.pdf brochure:

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